Homeowners in the UK have trusted EEC Home Improvements to meet their needs since 1990! With over 25,000 installations and 32 years of experience under our belt, it’s no surprise that we are recognised as one of the top Solar PV installers in the UK.

Why should you choose EEC Solar?
Look no further than EEC Solar for a dependable, renewable energy solution in your home or business. We’ve been dedicated to providing the best solar PV installations since 1990, and with our 25,000+ installations across the UK we have earned two consecutive years of being recognised as the number one Renewable installation company.

At EEC Solar, we are dedicated to helping people transition to a low or even zero-carbon lifestyle through the installation of solar panels and cleaner energy production. Homes and businesses in the UK that adopt this technology can benefit from lower energy bills, decreased dependence on the national grid, traditional sources like fossil fuels and nuclear power. Simple maintenance requirements as well as battery storage options for any excess electricity generated are also available. Call us now on 01704 333459.

At EEC Solar, we strive to provide the best service in solar energy systems and maintenance. We are committed to keeping you informed of new environmentally-friendly technologies for power storage and off-grid options. Additionally, we offer retrofitting services that incorporate the latest photovoltaic array technology with PV modules into existing solar energy setups – bringing them up-to-date so they can be more efficient than ever!

Our certified technicians are equipped with the most advanced equipment and materials to provide you first class service. Our solar energy solutions guarantee decades of savings on electricity costs for any residential or commercial setting.

We install domestic solar PV panels EEC Solar can design, install and maintain solar panels across the UK that fit your budget and seamlessly integrate with existing power or electrical supply solutions. With almost any flat surface exposed to sunlight a potential location for PV system installation, our experts are ready to arrange an appointment where they will discuss all of the options available before any commitments need to be made.

Commercial Solar PV Installations
Companies are waking up to the numerous benefits of solar energy, with EEC Solar having completed many Solar PV systems to commercial premises throughout Britain including the Lloyds bank building in London. Although it may not be at the top of your budgeting list in these tougher financial times, investing in a brand-new energy system should certainly be taken into serious consideration – and for good reason! After covering the initial outlay costs, you’ll save considerably on electricity bills over time; this will make an immense impact on profitability long term as well as moving towards becoming carbon neutral!

Nationwide Availability
EEC Solar is available nationwide to install your domestic or commercial solar panels, and our teams are ready to provide expert guidance on the best locations for them as well as the potential savings from cutting down utility bills. We guarantee a transparent quotation with no surprise fees and will thoroughly explain each step of the process. Allow us to come visit you – we’ll show you just how much better life can be after installing PV solar panels!

Ready to speak to our experts?
Ready to make the transition towards solar energy for your home or business this year? Reach out to EEC Solar now, and you’ll get a free consultation on how to start your journey as well as an array of PV panel options that will revolutionise sustainable energy generation. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! Call us now on 01704 333459.