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Our solar panel repairs and maintenance service covers any panels we have installed and more commonly those installed by third party organisations. We are experts in solar PV maintainance and repairs with over 30 years trading experience in the industry. Our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals can quickly and efficiently repair your faulty system, allowing you to reap the maximum benefits.

Solar Photovoltaic System installed by Chelsfield Solar
A solar PV system installed by EEC Solar is carried out using high quality components with full attention to detail from the design of the solar photovoltaic system for long-lasting optimum annual output through to the actual installation and after sales service. We have been installing solar PV systems since 2002 and we continually receive updates of how our own PV systems are producing to ensure they continue to work at their optimum. However if anything does happen to you panels or you feel that they are not producing the energy you thought then please contact us and we will do our best to rectify the situation.

Solar Photovoltaic System installed by other installers
Sadly there are a minority of installers who do not follow the same code as us, or a company may shut down and are therefore unable to repair the system. Sometimes the first you realise that there may be a problem with your solar PV system is a year after installation when the system hasn’t produced the expected kWhs/units that you were advised it would. This will obviously have an impact on subsequent years as the Feed-in Tariff is linked to the amount of kWhs/units your system will produce.

If your solar PV system is not performing as it should, in the first instance you should contact the company that installed your system as they should sort the issue out for you under their guarantee. If you cannot get a satisfactory response then please contact us and we will be happy to help.

In the first instance we will discuss whatever issue you are having with your solar panels over the phone. Most often the issue can be rectified by talking through what is happening with various components and we do not charge for this. If we cannot sort the problem out over the phone we will visit site for a small call out charge.

Generally solar PV systems do not need maintenance if they are working and the annual generation is as expected although as it is an electrical system it should have periodic testing and inspection. For peace of mind we can carry out an annual maintenance check whereby we check connectors, DC voltage, AC voltage, inverter start up/shut down procedures and cable inspection at a minimum. If you find your annual generation is reducing it could be dirt build up on your solar panels and we recommend a simple wash down. Solar PV panels installed at a 10° pitch on a single storey extension will be more prone to dirt build up than those installed at a 35° pitch on a conventional 2 storey roof slope.

If, since you had your solar PV panels installed, any large objects have been erected e.g. neighbour’s extension, TV aeriels, trees etc, the shading from these objects could be detrimental to your annual generation if your PV panels are now being shaded. Shading can substantially reduce the annual output, subject to what type of inverter you have had installed. If this is the case, there are solutions to help maximise your PV system that can be retrofitted so please contact us for more information.

Moving solar PV panels
If you need your solar panels moved to allow access for any roof work or decommissioned to be installed elsewhere, we are happy to carry out this works.

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