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If you want to keep your home safe and secure, it’s essential that you test your electrical wiring from time to time. The IET (Institution of Engineering & Technology) recommends every 10 years as a minimum for Electrical inspection of domestic properties.

If you’re running a hotel or guest house, or simply letting out a property, it’s not just recommended, it’s a legal requirement to have your wiring inspected even more frequently.

Electrical hazards aren’t usually visible. But the good news is that with an Electrical inspection by an NICEIC electrical contractor like us, they are preventable. We can make sure everything is working correctly and safely, and if anything needs replacing or rewiring, we’ll take care of it, quickly and competitively

Electrical Testing
Outside Lighting
Full Rewiring
Extensions, Conservatories
Extra or Replacement Plug Sockets
Electric Radiators
Repairs to Existing Systems
Garage, Loft or Basement Lighting

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Battery Storage

When you’re using your self-generated solar energy in the day, and stored energy when the sun isn’t shining, you will be drawing less energy from your supplier, this means you will be less affected by energy price rises in the future and with energy suppliers always hiking their prices up now is the perfect time to invest.

Solar IBoost

We specialise in the planning, operation and maintenance of solar pv, inverters and battery storage systems. We offer excellent solar services to ensure that your investment is developed with no problems and maintained to ensure a healthy return.

Solar Pump

We strive to get you the right price for a top-quality brand, as we only install the highest quality equipment to achieve the maximum return on your investment. With this comes long standing guarantees to protect your investment for the future