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The Enphase home solar system is a networked energy platform that fully integrates solar generation, energy storage and control using the world’s most advanced microinverter technology.

Enphase Energy, Inc., is a global technology company with an innovative and intelligent home system energy solution that seamlessly integrates generation, storage, management, and control. Their mission is to deliver home system energy technology solutions that make clean energy affordable, reliable and accessible to all.

Solar panels may get all the glory, but it’s the inverter that does all the work in home system energy. Tucked beneath each solar panel, each microinverter converts the direct current (DC) power collected from the solar panels to alternating current (AC), the form of electricity your home can use.

Choosing the right inverter technology for your home system energy is one of the most critical decisions to make when deciding on a Home Solar System. Enphase Microinverter offer the most advanced inverter technology on the market, which means higher production, greater reliability, and unmatched intelligence. Who wouldn’t want this in their Home Solar System?

Enphase microinverter are the modern alternative to using a conventional grid tie inverter. In an Enphase home solar system, there’s no single point of failure whereas in a conventional grid tied solar inverter, when one panel fails, the whole system goes out. With a grid tie inverter when one panel’s output drops, the system’s overall performance drops to match that lowest performing panel. With microinverter, each panel operates independently – so no matter what happens to any panel, your home system energy keeps shining bright.

Enphase Storage v Grid Tied Solar
Traditional grid tied solar systems provide lower electricity bills and clean energy to households and businesses everywhere. These systems keep producing energy as long as electric utility lines send power. But what if the utility grid suffers an outage and you are left with an off grid system? Your grid tie inverter will shut down and you lose power.

Enphase also offer off grid solar solutions with the addition of battery storage which automatically switches to backup during a grid outage. With Enphase storage backup battery, energy overproduced by a home solar system is stored for future use for any off grid systems or in the event of a power outage.

Reduce your fuel costs by up to 80%

Approved Installer

You can be assured that EEC Home Improvements are certified and regulated by all the relevant industry bodies

Tesla Certified Installer

EEC Home Improvements is proud to be a certified Tesla Battery Storage installer, the smartest looking battery on the planet

Go Green, Go Solar PV

The positive financial aspects are obvious when installing Solar Power Systems but the benefit to the environment make it even better

Thermo Hot Water

Our full range of water heating products use the latest cutting edge technology to provide renewable energy for home or business saving up 80% on fuel costs

Solar PV

Solar PV are a great way of reducing your electricity bills, as well as getting your money back. You are also doing your bit to combat global warming — solar power is the cleanest, most renewable source of energy there is, producing nothing in the way of emissions. No wonder solar panel are proving so popular!

Battery Storage

The Tesla Powerwall 2 is taking the Battery Storage Market by storm – store the energy to use when you most need it

Smart Export Guarantee Explained

One of many benefits of installing Solar Power Systems is you can be paid for the electricity you export. The Government published its final proposals for the SEG (Smart Export Guarantee) on Monday 10 June 2019. The SEG requires medium – large electricity supply companies (those with more than 150,000 electricity customers) to offer a SEG. Smaller suppliers can do so on a voluntary basis. Suppliers are already starting to offer SEGs, but all qualifying suppliers will have to offer you terms of payment for your solar power systems exports by January 1st 2020 at the latest.

Thermodynamic Hot Water Systems


Our full range of water heating products use the latest cutting edge technology to provide renewable energy for your home or business with thermodynamic panels and our solar assisted heat pump.

EEC can offer you a fantastic energy efficient solution that will reduce your costs. With a solar assisted thermodynamic heat pump you can start saving straight away. The heat pump can be added to almost any hot water cylinder and by collecting heat from the sun it heats the water within the cylinder so you can use it 24/7, 365.


Solax Triple Power

The  new Triple Power high-voltage battery range has been designed and manufactured in partnership with SolaX.  Triple Power will be offering 4.5 & 6.3kWh options, each of which can be installed in series with up to 3 more batteries of the same size.

Air Source Heat Pump

EEC Home Improvements have been at the forefront of the renewable sector for many years, leading the way with affordable heat pumps, to help home owners stay warm and worry free.

Boilers & Plumbing

We offer a free no obligation quote for our entire range of A rated boilers. One of EEC Home Improvements experts will visit your home to take you through all of your options, working with your budget in mind. We will advise you about our energy efficient